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Denham Springs Art Classes - Color Outside the Lines!

Livingston Parish & Denham Springs Art Lessons and Classes

I love teaching children, teens and adults. The art experience is for everyone!

Group art lessons and individual classes are available in Livingston Parish near the Denham Springs area.

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Private Art Lessons

  • Single Lessons: 60 min. lesson in my studio – $25.00
  • Monthly: Four 60 minute lessons in my studio – $100
  • Contact Me for art lessons today. (You may also just fill out the form on this page)

There is a $25.00 charge for missed classes without calling ahead. Appointments may be rescheduled no later than 24 hours in advance.

Contact Information

Marcia Arnold

Private Art Lessons - Studio Area

Private Art Lessons – Studio Area

My Personal Philosophy of Teaching

I believe that each child has a gift that can be nurtured and allowed to flourish for the pleasure and well-being of the child (not adults). I have developed my own way of nurturing the child’s desire involving a process to make art in a non-threatening and relaxed environment.

I believe in using the process of making art to build self confidence, learn skills, and develop a sense of aesthetics. Through a gentle, affirming process, I assist the student in building this self-confidence. The student, through practice, begins to adopt positive, self-affirming thoughts. These positive thoughts help the student consider art making as an enjoyable experience, instead of a struggle to produce perfect imagery.

Through years of teaching experience, I have found that children following my directives become accustomed to taking creative risks, are tolerant of their mistakes and are relieved of the burden of striving for perfection. As a result, the child’s “best” artwork will naturally come forth. After making many unskilled tries, the student ultimately builds upon those attempts and eventually accepts the “I can do!” view of learning.

Private Art Lessons - Denham Springs and Livingston Parish10 Reasons I Love Art

  • Art relates to my individual needs.
  • Art encourages me to interact with others.
  • Art helps me creatively communicate.
  • Art provides a way of self expression
  • Art builds my trust in my ability.
  • Art makes me feel good.
  • Art builds my self-confidence.
  • Art teaches me life skills-like reasoning, decision making, creative thinking, and problem solving.
  • Art helps me visualize in my mind.
  • Art is soothing to my spirit!

Lessons are available in the following visual media:

    • Oil Painting
    • Acrylic Painting
    • Watercolor Painting
    • Drawing
    • Mixed Media