Talented Arts Program Portfolio Preparation

Talented Art Portfolio Preparation

The Livingston Parish Public Schools and other nearby Louisiana parishes offer services for gifted and talented students in grades K-12. One of the areas where the Talented Program provides enrichment for students to further their artistic abilities in in the Visual Arts.

Whether your child has been identified as a candidate for the Talented Visual Arts Program or is preparing a portfolio to apply to art school or high school AP studio art, portfolio preparation is an important step in the process.

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is an extensive collection of a student’s work created over a period of time, either formally in a class or informally as work you have enjoyed making in a sketch book. It is used for assessing the individual’s achievements, abilities, strengths and day-to-day student activity.

It may consist of landscapes, observational paintings or drawings, portraits, still life in a variety of mediums; such as, acrylic paint, oil paint, colored pencils, pastels, ink or other mediums chosen.

Generally speaking these are used to meet the requirements of getting into art school, high school AP studio art, or evaluation for Gifted and Talented Art classes in public school. One major similarity in many types of portfolios is that they are typically designed to attract the eye of evaluators and may be constructed at any time.

Portfolio Preparation Services

My services as an art instructor involve helping the student prepare their best work in several categories to be evaluated by an instructor or administrator. I have recently helped one of my private art students to prepare a portfolio to be accepted into AP studio art at a Livingston Parish high school.

By being a retired Gifted and Talented teacher, I know what administrators are looking for when viewing a prospective student’s work. I can fulfill the services either in the form of regular art lessons or for a specific time period to prepare the portfolio.

Interested in Portfolio Preparation?

I’d love to talk to you about helping your child prepare their portfolio.

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