Teaching Workshops


For the past two weeks, I have been teaching children’s art workshops for the River Region Art Association. I taught painting and drawing to kids, 9-15 years old. This coming week I will be teaching in Hammond for the Hammond Art Guild. I won’t be driving back and forth this time, rather I will be staying with my niece just outside of Hammond. This workshop is an oil painting class for Adults. I think it will be fun  teaching adult students for a change. My mantra for teaching painting and drawing of still life’s for children and adults is “How do you paint a whole still life…Answer?one object at a time. ” That takes away an overwhelming feeling that many get when they are faced with creating a still life by drawing or painting what they see.

7/23/13 My first class  of the workshop in Hammond went well. We work together for three hours every afternoon this week. My niece, Melinda Holloway, who lives in the suburbs of Hammond is taking the class….”Painting with Oils.” I am staying with Melinda and her family while teaching in Hammond. We are starting out with some painting exercises which are designed to allow the student to become familiar with color, line, blending, and drawing individual objects from the whole still life. Everyone did well yesterday and today we will learn how to paint folds in cloth. We  then put our selection of a part of the still life on the canvas to get ready to paint our under painting, the first layer of paint on a painting. During this stage we can note the darks and the lights that we see in the group of objects chosen.Paint is applied in a thin layer of oil paint which has been diluted with turpentine. Once we do that we will begin painting the second layer of paints.

Teaching Painting and Drawing

7/15/2013  This week I am teaching in St. Amant for the River Region Art Association. This is my third workshop this summer for this organization. I am teaching beginning painting and drawing for ages 9-15. The first week I taught interior paintings using Henri Matisse’s “The Open Window” as the focal point for the lesson. Through this painting I was able to teach atmospheric perspective, linear perspective and painting on a canvas with acrylic paints. For some, it was a first experience painting on canvas with this type of  paint. For others, it was a chance to push the limits of their knowledge to another level.

The second week I taught Louisiana landscapes using photographs of sunsets over the swamps. I particularly had the students learn how to draw Cypress trees, use atmospheric perspective, and how to blend colors on the canvas.

This week my students are learning how to draw and paint objects together in a still life. We looked at various known artists’ still life’s. I set up a big still life with many objects on a table in the center of the teaching area. Of course they groaned about how hard it would be to draw and paint such a creation. I told them to relax because I was going to take apart the still life, and each student would have a chance to learn to draw the “parts”of the whole. We spent the morning learning how to draw grapes, pears, apples, bananas, roses, and the central vase. Tomorrow we will do some practice painting with acrylic paint. We will paint a color wheel, learn to mix various colors, and handle various types of brushes. By the end of the week, each student will have several drawings and a completed painting of a still life on canvas.

How much fun I have teaching any age student how to paint and draw.