Sketchbook Ideas from the Universe

Sketchbooks are necessary for an artist to transfer ideas from the artist’s mind to a visual representation. The sketchbook allows the artist to materialize those ephemeral ideas, to train their eyes and hands. It is a neutral space for the drawer to freely practice drawing.

The drawing does not have to be great.

A sketchbook is a working, fluid, evolving drawing for the privacy of the art lover. The only exception is for the art student whose sketchbook is subject to being critiqued by a professor. The important factor about these drawings is that they should be free, unconstrained, and useful.

These exercises are based on the elements and principles of design. As we progress, the exercises will gradually become more complicated, appropriate to a growing skill level. These exercises are intended to be fun and worry free.

After all, who is going to fuss at your drawings except the “self?” Eventually after experience and a change in attitude, one will grow and enjoy the experiences.